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About STC

STC Higher Education has now expanded its intake and is offering wider course options as well as more flexibility in its learning programmes. STC Higher Education is today a leading Business and IT institute for higher education in Malta.

STC Higher Education Currently offers state-of-the-art training facilities and curricula to hundreds of Maltese students in partnership with world leaders such as Middlesex University, NCC Education, Cisco, Microsoft and Redhat Linux. This enables participants to obtain internationally accredited qualifications by studying locally. These activities have made STC Higher Education an important local hub for people who are seriously contemplating a professional career in Management, Information Systems and  Information Technology. From individuals wishing to study in order to change their career prospects in to professionals seeking top-class qualifications in  IT or  management. STC Higher Education has become Malta's most trusted choice.

STC Higher Education in Malta is committed to quality and professionalism in higher education. We do not only look at the academic aspects of our students but also pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in our students. Both our staff and tutors are always ready to assist our students in attaining the best from their experience with STC Higher Education.


of our graduates hold a position related to their degree objective

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STC History

The Past

The company was founded in 1997, with its first premises in Swatar, limits of Dingli. It was formerly known as the Government Computer Centre. Fourteen IT firms together with the Government of Malta agreed to set up a joint venture company having the mandate to establish an effective and profitable centre of training excellence that would offer whole-life continuation training in the development of IT skills.

NCC Education

5 months later we signed up with NCC Education, global provider of British Education providing affordable degrees and master's in Business and IT. A unique and flexible approach to providing the International Degree Pathway allows students to enter or leave their degree journey at their own pace and receive a certificate for their achievements at each stage

First Students

We accepted our first intake of students in Dingli in 1997.

The Move

In July 2006 the company relocated to a more central, accessible location in Pembroke in order to better serve its ever-increasing student numbers. The move heralded a new era for the organisation in an area designated by government for the development of educational institutions.

The Great Partnership

In 2009 we set up a partnership with Middlesex University, enabling participants to obtain internationally accredited qualifications by studying locally.