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Short Info:

AGE: 18

Occupation: Sudent

About Me


I Chose the NCC MQF Level 5 Diploma in Computing because...

...I have always had a passion for computing, and the NCC diploma seemed like the perfect way for me to progress my education to degree level.

The Diploma course is helping me... gain the necessary knowledge needed to be able to further my studies by progressing to a BSc degree in Computer Networks at Middlesex University.

My lecturers…

...are passionate and knowledgeable in everything that they teach. Their extensive experience with both lecturing and working in the field helps them to provide further insight into each topic. They are always available to students if any further guidance is required, and their emphasis on groupwork helps students to be better equipped for eventually working with a team.

The best part of the course... the fact that assignments are always given the same or higher priority as exams. The increased focus on practical, hands-on work as compared to more theory-based studies is crucial to helping students prepare for a job in IT and allows them to try technologies for themselves, rather than just reading about them.

The facilities at STC...

...are well equipped and contain all the equipment necessary for students to fully work with and appreciate the technologies that are being taught. The campus is always kept spotless and quiet rooms are available to work in if required. A well-priced canteen is also open, which is perfect for breaks. 

STC is great because…. is the perfect starting point for an education in IT, as it allows students to progress from a diploma all the way up to a Masters or PhD through Middlesex University. STC provides the framework for all students to succeed.

After I complete my course…

...I would like to further my studies abroad and eventually work with more startups creating cutting-edge technology for the masses.

I would recommend this course… anyone who just loves computing is eager to lean or to those wishing to progress to a specialized degree course with any amount of background and experience.

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck with their education…. to try different things until they find something they like, and to capitalize on that found passion by putting all their energy into making it their career. No matter what level of education or experience somebody has, they can never know enough. My main motivation to learn is knowing that there is always something new and important that I can add to my skillset, and to keep at the impossible goal of eventually knowing all there is to know about my field

My Quote…

“Over the years, STC Malta gave me the opportunity to successfully complete 6 certified courses and progress to a degree course. It is the perfect place for anyone wishing to have an edge over the rest.”

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