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Short Info:

AGE: 29

Occupation: Sudent

About Me


I took the MQF Level 5 Diploma in Business because...

I would like to gain more knowledge in business and what it entails.

I chose this particular course because…

I would like to understand how the theoretical aspect of Business is, in order to successfully manage a company.

The Diploma course is helping me... be well educated in aspects such as finance, Economics business maths and others

My lecturers…

...are exceptionally good and helpful and their efforts I was able to achieve my goals

The best part of the course...

...was the lecturing, preparation for the assignments and exams

The facilities at STC...

...are great and they have a conducive environment for study

STC is great because….

...they offer opportunities to develop and mould intellects

After I complete my course…

...I was able to enrol in the level 6 programme conveniently without and difficulties

I would recommend this course…

...because it gives a background information for anyone that want to gain knowledge in business

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck with their education…. that its never too late and through hard work and perseverance

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