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Computing Degree Pathway





Who We Are

NCC Education is an awarding body and global provider of British education. Providing the complete education solution to over 200 Accredited Partner Centres in more than 45 countries worldwide, the organisation works in partnership with Accredited Partner Centres and universities to provide students with an affordable route to obtain a UK university degree or master's in Business or IT.

A unique and flexible approach to providing the International Degree Pathway allows students to enter or leave their degree journey at their own pace and receive a certificate for their achievements at each stage. Over 1,000,000 students have boosted their careers with NCC Education qualifications. So, join today...


Degree Pathway

International Foundation Year Diploma | MQF Level 3

This qualification is ideal for school leavers who need to brush up on basic skills such as English, Maths and study techniques. It also provides an introduction to a range of computing and IT topics.

Diploma in Computing | Level 4

The Level 4 Diploma In Computing (DCL4) is provided in conjunction with NCC Education and is the first year of a three year degree journey. The programme exposes students to both academic and vocational subjects and includes topics related to web design, programming, hardware and networking.  



Middlesex University Malta Degree Top-up Year 2/3 Entry        

Upon entry students get to choose to study one of the following BSc. Hons degree programmes:

1. Information Technology

2. Computer Science (Systems Engineering)

3. Computer Networks

4. Business Information Systems



The NCC program provides our students with the opportunity to further their studies at Middlesex University Malta.



This course is funded

Quality education costs money and that is why we spend time giving information and guiding students and organisations about the various scholarship schemes which they can benefit from.

Recover up to 70% of money spent on this course

Contact Our Team for asssistance. We are here to help you with all of the paper work required.


Easy Monthly Payment Scheme. Invest in your future.


At STC Higher education we make education affordable. Forget requesting heavy bank loans with interest! At STC we have been offering easy payment since our inception and recognize that students cant always afford to pay for their education up front. We break down the total course prince on a monthly basis without interest rates giving students the opportunity to pursue their studies without worrying about large debts at such young ages.





The Malta Government Undergraduate Scheme 2015 aims at providing more opportunities to further the choice of undergraduate degrees/qualifications up to MQF Level 6 and including Bachelor Degrees and vocational qualifications, classified as Level 6 or equivalent under the Malta Qualification Framework (MQF).


Through this scheme Government is extending the financial support available to undergraduate students at the University of Malta and MCAST, to other Maltese students undertaking equivalent studies, at other institutions, leading to officially recognised local and foreign MQF Level 6 qualification.

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