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Studying in Malta

Studying IT & Business in Malta

About Malta


Malta is conveniently situated in heart of Europe and surrounded by the clear blue Mediterranean Sea, located 90km south of Sicily and 290km from the North African coast. Malta is famous for its stunning climate, spectacular rocky and sandy beaches and thriving nightlife, not to mention a rich historical timeline stretching back over 7,000 years. There is no island that better represents the merging of traditions, cultures and modern living better than Malta, which is why its reputation as the perfect island for studying is growing. In fact, Malta boasts two official languages (Maltese and English), and having one of Europe’s smallest populations (around 400,000 permanent residents) the island is noted for its safety and high quality of living.

Combining a vast open-air museum, with no less than three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and seven Megalithic temples, the island is as famous for its scenery as its history. The island has changed exponentially over the last few decades to become a top destination for overseas companies, students, tourists and retirees. Studying in Malta has become effortless, with rapid expansion of top IT services, communication networks, accommodation and other facilities. Malta is establishing itself as a key player in Europe for new businesses and especially online gaming, thanks in no small part to recent developments such as Smart City. 

Malta gained EU membership in 2004, which further facilitated ease of studying. Obtaining a visa is easy, flights are frequent and direct flights can be caught from many of Europe’s biggest airports. The vast majority of the local population speaks English fluently, so language presents no barrier to students.


Why Study in Malta?

Choosing STC Higher Education if you are thinking of studying in Malta, you will be conveniently located in the centre of the island, within easy reach of transport connections, beaches, shopping, nightlife and more. Our dedicated education facilities provide you with everything you need to gain international qualifications. Our years of experience have enabled us to adapt to the changing needs of our students through advanced teaching methods, campus facilities, certification and more.