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The Key to My Dream Job

My STC Education: The Key to My Dream Job

My STC Education: The Key to My Dream Job

Quick Facts

Age: 26

Occupation: Student

Course: NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Computing

Fun fact: I play the drums and guitar. I also love snowboarding, trekking, scuba diving and target shooting. I recently went on a two-month road-trip around the USA. I really enjoyed surfing in San Diego, but that’s even harder to practice than snowboarding!

About Me

I graduated with a Diploma in Industrial Electronics from MCAST back in 2008 and since then I have worked with various companies ranging from electronics design and testing to IT technical support (in-house and on-site). I have spent the past two years in Austria working with BILTON GmbH, a manufacturer of LED lighting products as an electronics technician where my daily tasks comprised manufacturing, assembly and testing.

I took the Level 4 Diploma in Computing because...
After a certain level of work experience I have come to the realisation that I want to strive for a higher position in my professional career. I particularly wish to combine my basis in electronics with the IT sector, possibly specialising in robotics.

I chose this particular course because…
It is an introduction to the various streams in IT and gives me direct entry to the second year of one of three IT degrees offered through Middlesex University Malta.

The diploma course is helping me... the first step to my end goal: the undergraduate degree. The diploma does an excellent job at providing students with a nice smooth introduction into the university environment with (apart from the core important modules) very interesting lighter modules geared towards self-development; something rarely found In education and most often taken for granted.

My lecturers…
...are especially patient and very helpful indeed. Any difficulties I ever had with anything regarding the modules were short-lived.

The best part of the course…
Up till now, I would say this has been the object oriented module of Java.

The facilities at STC…
...are really excellent.

STC is great because…
STC offers the widest range of specialised courses together with the positive professional environment standards which reflect a realistic working environment. 

After I complete my course…
Once I get my degree, I would like to get a post within a respectable company which involves interesting ongoing projects whilst being trusted with considerable amount of responsibility – eventually a whole team.

My ideal job
I would like to work as a developer in network architect jobs depending on the type of degree I decide to pursue. 

I highly recommend this course...
...over any other institute as I believe it is the most adequate, up to professional standards. I believe that if more people attended this institute and the courses which it has to offer, there would be considerable improvement in the quality of the IT industry in Malta.

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck with their education…
In the highly competitive world of today, can you afford to not further your education? I learned this the hard way after some years of working experience. I would highly recommend striving for as high a level of education as possible. IT is obviously a very attractive industry with infinite possibilities, thus making the decision for this particular course a no brainer.