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Canteen Tenders Open


STC TRAINING Ltd. is seeking expressions of interest from suitable operators that will provide a high standard of food and beverage service to cater for approximately 300 students and the general public at STC TRAINING Ltd.’s premises on Alamein Road, Pembroke.

The company wishes to provide its students with a range of food and beverage services that are competitive in quality and price to other similar outlets available in the vicinity. It will be expected that services will be provided from Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 9pm.

An equipped dining room and a commercial kitchen which have been designed to support the canteen operation are available within the premises. Details are as follows:


  • 20 m/sq – Kitchen

  • 14 sq/m - Store

  • 67 sq/m – Indoor seating area

  • 73 sq/m – Outdoor seating area


Main Equipment:

  • Chest Freezer

  • Cooking station which includes deep fryer, grill and oven

  • Stainless steel table

  • Fridge counter

  • Stainless steel washing basin

  • Hot display unit

  • Cold display unit


Interested parties are requested to base proposals on the following criteria:

1. Planned operations overview

Operators should provide details about their ideas of how they will run the canteen facility (no alcohol can be sold), including detailed information about the menu, quality, hygiene and prices.


2. Experience in the last five years in a similar or same operation

Tenders are to provide information of recent experience (if any) in the operation of a similar or same facility.


3. Experience of proposed staff

Provide details of the training and educational background of the individuals who will be responsible to manage and work in the canteen, including Food Hygiene and Food Handling Licences, demonstrating a successful track record of their experience in the field.


4. Financial Stability Involved

Provide details of current business operations (applicable if the party expressing interest is currently operating a similar business).


5. Financial Offer

Provide a financial offer to lease the premises for 3  to 5 years.


Interested parties are encouraged to visit STC Training Ltd. canteen, visits can only be organised by appointment.

Submissions will be assessed solely on the information provided in response to the above stated criteria. Additional information may be attached with the submitted proposal. The award is at STC’s absolute and inscrutable discretion and will be based on the, financial offer and the operator’s experience. However STC Training Ltd. reserves the right to decline the most economically viable offer.

Proposals are to be submitted via email to Dave Shaw on, by not later than the 9th September 2016.