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Choir Sings for ICT Graduates

Collegium Musicum Choir Sings Praises for ICT Graduates

The well-known choir’s melodies rang all around the packed hall at the Phoenicia Hotel, its members singing choice words of inspiration that amplified the joy of the occasion.

The underlying reason for the celebration to which 250 people attended: the success of 54 ICT students, now graduates and working technology professionals. The choir opened the annual graduation event, singing praise to these young graduates, already success stories in the technology industry and on their way to more accomplishments.

For the next highlight of the graduation event organised by STC Training for its Degree-programme graduates, guests were taken on a trip down memory lane.As students watched the video of the graduation ceremony held earlier this summer at Middlesex University, memories were evoked of the anticipatory thrill the graduates felt on the day as they received recognition for their accomplishments by the Dean himself.

The graduation ceremony at the Phoenicia was also attended by Professor Martin Looms, Dean and Pro- Vice-Chancellor, from the School of Engineering and Information sciences at Middlesex University, who was thanking all the “STC students graduating this afternoon, and our colleagues, their tutors, for what they are contributing to Middlesex University” when they first received their certificate.

STC Training’s collaboration with Middlesex University over the past three years has resulted consistent high quality results that are being felt by students and employers alike. Further integration with the University is gradually turning STC into an extension of the Middlesex campus, offering young local talent the opportunity to expand their ICT talents with an internationally recognised quality mark. Indeed, out of all 54 graduates, 60% graduated with a First Class degree in either of the two BSc programmes offered, being Internet Applications Development and Information Technology and Networking.

Yet, for STC “the real measure of success is the increased employability of these graduates”, insisted STC CEO Mr. Patrick Pullicino in his opening address. In this respect, all students could feel proud that their studies were a resounding success: every graduate in the hall has been employed in IT for an average of a year – with some exceptional cases having been in employment for almost three years. He also encouraged the graduates to “never stop learning, but take every opportunity to keep expanding your intellectual potential” and that graduation only marked ‘the end of a beginning [...], whatever your chosen professiona will be.”

Afterwards, the glamorous event concluded with a full reception for all attendees in the Phoenicia gardens.