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STC Android™ Certified

STC Launches Malta’s First Android App Courses

STC Higher Education Android ATC Certified.

The first Android Application Development courses in Malta are being offered at STC Training. These courses will run during the school’s summer programme which runs from July to September. The app courses, together with a wide number of au-courant short courses were presented to visitors at the STC open day held on 13 June.

Held from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m., the STC Open Day introduced visitors to the short courses on offer this summer. From robotics, to developing a website, to IT essentials and cyber security, STC promoted the various courses it offers.

Importantly, a key common theme to all STC’s courses is entrepreneurship. The open days tagline was "become an entrepreneur whether you’re a new or veteran programmer". In addition to teaching students the latest in IT and gaming essentials, STC’s lecturers are well aware of the high competition out there and incorporate promoting oneself and one’s business in their courses.

The open day featured information booths about the various courses as well as workshops to give visitors a taste of what they could learn in a few months.

Speaking about the course in Android Application Development, lecturer Mr John Debono explained: "This is an interesting course because it is progressive. It features three modules so that you can progress from one summer to another. You receive a certificate following the completion of each module, and having completed all three receive the title of Certified Android Engineer." Mr Debono lauded the course by noting how students get to learn on the latest version of Android 5, Lollipop. In short, the three modules cover basics, security and how to monetise your app.

Mr Clifford de Raffaele, who runs the Building Robots Using Arduino course, promoted the fun and tactile aspect to his course. With a little robot wheeling around in front of him, he said: "Our course uses the best platforms on the market. Using the Arduino Robotics platform, this course takes learners through the world of electronic design, providing them with a complete understanding of how robotics work in a fun and interesting approach."

Lecturers Steven Camilleri and Robert Attard ran an informative presentation on their course Game Development using Unity. They tantalised visitors with clips from beautiful games such as Dex, Naval Action and Murasaki Baby, explaining how they could make similar games using the Unity game engine. Mr Camilleri adopted a business-minded approach and explained that not only does learning game development promote creativity, but it is also a lucrative industry, calculated to be worth a whopping $100 billion.

STC offers short courses on a full- and part-time basis which can serve as a foundation to undergraduate and postgraduate courses on offer at its sister University of Middlesex.