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An Inspiration to Work Harder and Achieve More

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Quick Facts

Age: 26

Occupation: Aircraft Engineer

Course: BSc (Hons) Internet Application Development, part time

Fun fact: I like sports especially football. I also play squash every now and than. Travelling is also another hobby that I find interesting. I’ve visited many countries however my favourite city will always be London.

 About Me

After completing my NCC Education Level 4 Diploma In Computing with STC Training I joined Middlesex University Malta, and am now reading for a BSc (Hons) degree in Internet Application Development on a part time basis.

I took the BSc (Hons) in Internet Application Development because…
I felt that a career change is essential for a better future.

I chose this particular course because…
The IT Industry is growing steadily and I am sure that there will always be a demand for qualified IT students.

Furthermore, since the government is encouraging students to follow a career path in IT by providing refund opportunities upon obtaining the certificate, I figured that such a course would definitely be a good investment.

The BSc course is helping me…
When I complete the course I will have a wider range of career opportunities.

My lecturers…
Are highly professional. They made it easy for me to understand and cope with my studies. They are dedicated and together with all the staff at the institute have shown me so much support that I was encouraged to work harder and achieve more.

The best part of the course…
Was that it covered all aspects of IT including the PC technician skills, software as well as management skills. It prepares students to meet the industry requirements.

The facilities at STC….
The environment, labs and lecture rooms are well-maintained, comforting and highly professional. A good and peaceful environment is especially important to help with concentration and dedication for part-time students who often work in the morning and study in the evening.

STC is great because….
It offers full support to students who are truly determined to improve and willing to achieve. Based on my experience, I believe that the institute's motto is: "Students come first".

After I complete my course…
I will further improve my studies and eventually obtain a Masters Degree in IT. I would like to work as a web and software developer.

I recommend the BSc (Hons) Internet Application Development because…
The course helped me discover my ambitions to develop myself, improve my skills, and take advantage of the many IT opportunities available out there.

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck in their career….
Take up a course. So many opportunities will open up to you once you have a certificate.