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Get Employed !

 Get Employed and Become Competitive!

This event marked the launch of a CAREER ACCELERATION initiative by STC and Muovo specifically designed for Diploma and Second Year Degree students that will fast track them to 'get employed and become competitive!'

The aim of the initiative is to bridge the gap between students and employers and connect those who are ready and willing to work with those who want to engage them.

Students were introduced to the new concept of a unique package combining applied work related & technical training, the best of quality education coupled with hands on skills workshops, individual career advice and feedback, as well as the opportunity to gain REAL involvement within the world of business!

YOUR future...YOUR career!

As the main event of the STC Training OPEN DAY 2011, Muovo was on campus to speak to STC students and graduates on the realities of the ICT job market and how best to connect to the right companies!

Muovo explained how to become competitive and excel at what you do, and how Muovo & STC can help you identify the vital and important aspects that go beyond basic competence to strive for excellence.

Together, we will explore what the problems are that ICT students face when applying for roles in ICT organisations and explaining how to differentiate yourself and your capabilities.

Learn how to leverage your best skills and gain more employment possibilities within a short period of time…… If you are an STC student contact us and see how we can help you secure your future!