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Hacking and Robotics at STC

Hacking, Robotics and Game Development at STC

Hacking, Robotics and Game Development at STC

Outsmarting hackers, building a robot and designing clever computer games are just some of the topical and interesting courses on offer at the STC Training institute this summer.

On June 7, STC held a jam-packed open day to introduce visitors to the many short courses on offer, starting from June 30 2014.

Held at the spacious STC premises in Pembroke, the open day included colourful information booths, computer game stands, fun robots to play with and workshops on pertinent topics such as ‘Planning a Great Dissertation’, ‘Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism’ and ‘Success in Groupwork’.

Experts and past and current students were at hand to give further insight into the courses and to explain the benefits of taking these relevant sessions.

Speaking about the Ethical Hacking course, lecturer Ian Attard explained how important this course is because it tackles the most important industry of our time:

“IT is today’s fastest growing industry, and within that security is the fastest growing sector,” he noted.

“Security is part of our everyday life be it on websites, databases and so on. The worrying issue is that security has not kept up with technological advancements and hackers know this and try to take advantage of the weaknesses in the system.”

Adopting the philosophy it takes a thief to catch a thief, Engineer Attard’s hands- on course lets students learn how to outsmart hackers.

Engineer Attard’s approach to the course echoes that of many of the other courses on offer at STC. The courses, aimed at children aged nine right through to adults, have all been designed around important subjects, vital for those who want to advance in the field of IT and business.

In addition to offering interesting courses, STC employs lecturers who are charismatic and who make their students feel at ease.

Michael Sultana, who graduates BSc Internet Application Development this summer praised the staff by saying:

“The lecturers here teach you innovative stuff. They are friendly and will explain and re-explain something if you don’t understand, without making you feel uncomfortable. Thanks to my course I am going to start working in a software programming company and even plan to do my Masters in the future.”

The summer courses running this summer are: Game Development (13 to 17- year-olds), Game Development Junior (nine to 12-year-olds), IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software, Ethical Hacking, Web Design and Photoshop and Robotics (13 to 17-year-olds) and Robotics Junior (nine to 12-year-olds).

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