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IT Short Courses for 2014

IT Short Courses for 2014

IT Short Courses Malta

We hope that you have enjoyed the festive season and that you are ready for the new and exciting year ahead. Here at STC we have been busy preparing our new short course schedule for 2014. Be sure to check out our great selection of innovative short courses. A snippet of some of these courses below:

SQL in Practice

Starting Wednesday 29th January

The course is centred on learning SQL, a query language used to communicate with a database. This language is responsible for catering and maintaining information inside a database. It is also used as a source for reporting applications such as crystal reports which provide user-friendly retrieval of information which is widely requested at customer and managerial levels.

PC Technician

Starting Wednesday 19th February

This Cisco certified course provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level ICT professionals. Students get an in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Through hands on activities and labs, students learn how to assemble and configure a computer, install operating systems and software, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems.

JAVA Programming

Starting Tuesday 11th February

This course is designed to provide individuals with an understanding of the core principles of Java which is a widely used object-oriented programming language. The course will also enable you to produce well-designed and effective applications that use some of the more advanced features of this language. By the end of the course you will be able to apply object oriented techniques in the analysis of simple problems and designing of solutions as well as design and implement web-based projects using Java.


Starting Tuesday 25th February

The Cisco Certified Network Associate course covers a comprehensive range of networking topics, from fundamentals to advanced applications and services, while providing opportunities for hands-on practical experience and soft-skills development.

Web Design

Starting Thursday 6th March

The Web is increasingly becoming the publishing space in both commercial and personal fields. For many it is an indispensable multi-medial channel of information and communication in the commercial sector and a way of sharing information and building social networks in one's private life.

Web Marketing

Starting Date Thursday 24th April

This course offers insight into the evaluation processes and long-term planning of online and integrated campaigns.
Areas covered in the course include SEO and usability, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and pay per click campaigns

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