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New Career Opportunities

Opening New Career Opportunities Through Continued Education

Opening New Career Opportunities Through Continued Education

Today’s job market is competitive, and one must stay on top of their game if they want to stay up-to-date in their field. Through constant technological advancements, it is important for individuals to continue their education after they enter the workforce. This gives individuals an opportunity for career advancement, and provides an opportunity for those who want to change their career.

There are many reasons to continue your education after you enter the workforce. According to the Encyclopaedia of Business, “Researchers in the late 1990s argued that continuing education was becoming less of an option and more of a necessity.” Those who continue to pursue their education show superiors they are motivated to stay current with any new advancements in their field, which can lead to career development and higher income.

There are degree paths and professional development opportunities for industries in high-demand, such as Information Technology, which is constantly growing. Although the job market for most careers is extremely competitive, Information Technology is expected to grow by 17 percent through 2018, according to the Encyclopaedia of Business. If you are interested in changing careers, then Information Technology is an interesting and growing field.

Information Technology Certifications

For those who want change careers and work in Information Technology, there are two certificates that are offered that teach the knowledge that is needed to work in the IT field. These certificates are a great way to land a job in the Information Technology field, and they ensure employers that applicants are capable of meeting the demands of the job requirements. There are some companies that offer support or help desk jobs to applicants if they agree to earn these primary IT certificates within a required time-frame.

Here’s an overview of some of the courses and certifications available which will help open up new opportunities...


These are two important qualifications that will help individuals land a job in the IT industry. PRINCE2 is a method, which is process-based, and provides guidance on how to manage projects successfully. PRINCE2 is a great way to improve project management skills, which are important for a successful career. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is similar to PRINCE2, and although it has been used primarily in the IT field, it is becoming increasing popular because it can be utilized in a wide-range of different settings.


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) are ideal certification programs for those who would like to expand their career into networking. Anyone interested would start with obtaining the CCNA certification first, which provides a comprehensive insight into networking fundamentals.

Once this certification is achieved, it is recommended to move on to obtaining the CCNP certification as the next step to obtaining even more knowledge on networking and ultimately improving career prospects.

Other IT Short Courses

Other IT short courses and certification programs should be explorer depending on the individual's chosen area of focus and career expectations.  STC Training provides a wide range of short courses that will improve skills, such as C# Programming, Java Programming, Web Marketing, Web Design and more. The full range of courses available can be explored here.

There are many benefits to continuing education after entering the workforce. Whether it is for a career change or career advancement, learning new skills and staying on top of the advancements in your industry are key factors for a successful and happy career!

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