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Local Graduation Ceremony

Local Graduation Ceremony & Middlesex University Malta Campus

On Friday 3rd August, fifty one Maltese students graduated from Middlesex University, having followed degree courses with STC Training. The ceremony was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana. During the Ceremony, an important announcement was made by the Deputy Vice- Chancellor of Middlesex University in view of the intention to set up a fully fledged campus in Malta. Present for the event was the Honourable Prime Minister, Lawrence Gonzi and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Middlesex University, Melvyn Keen.

These same students had already attended the UK graduation ceremony on the 17th July. STC’s C.E.O., Patrick Pullicino, spoke of the high grades achieved by the Maltese students and also congratulated Omar Zammit, who has been awarded a scholarship to Middlesex University.

In his address, Melvyn Keen announced the opening of a Middlesex University campus in Malta. This will be the third international campus for Middlesex University, the other locations being Dubai and Mauritius. He spoke of the opportunities an overseas campus offered, being able to get a “high quality British education.” This is already a reality for Maltese students and the opening of a campus will attract students from overseas for quality British Education.

Dr. Gonzi elaborated this point, adding that STC’s students’ consistently high results, as well as our strategic location, “have led to Middlesex University choosing Malta to invest in.” This is all important for Malta, he said, working towards becoming “a centre of excellence for training and education.” Dr. Gonzi concluded his speech by congratulating the Maltese lecturing staff and praising the new graduates for their effort and determination to further their studies, adding that they are “the labour market of tomorrow.”

The ceremony proceeded with the students being congratulated by Dr. Gonzi and receiving their degrees from Deputy Vice-Chancellor Melvyn Keen. This was followed by a reception in Phoenicia Gardens.