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Being a Great Communicator

My Key to Being a Great Communicator

STC Higher Education Business Courses Malta

Quick Facts

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Course: NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Computing

Fun fact: Travelling is my hobby because I love experiencing new cultures and learning about their history, as well as being exposed to new opinions and ideas, and enjoying the scenery and food. Some highlights include my youth exchange trip to Serbia when I was 15 and a training course in creativity in Poland last year.

About Me

I have 10 'O’ levels and studied Marketing, Maltese and Home Economics at ‘A’ Level, together with five intermediate subjects. I have also worked as a sales assistant.

I took the Level 4 Diploma in Computing because…
I want to pursue a career in business. This diploma will lead me to a degree in International Business administration conferred by Middlesex University Malta.

I chose this particular course because…
It will open up many opportunities for me. With a business degree, I will be able to work in many industries because the principles of business are the same. It will also teach me skills that I can apply to everyday life such as time management and self-discipline.

The diploma course is helping me… more open-minded in life and it is teaching me that sometimes it is good to take risks.

My lecturers…
STC has the best lecturers. I have never had lecturers who are so keen on ensuring students understand the subjects. When I don’t understand, I feel conformable to ask and the lecturer takes the time to explain till I do understand.

The best part of the course
The course is structured well and in such a way as to give you the appropriate amount of time to work on assignments and study. The result? The opportunity to get better results.

On the facilities at STC
The best facility for me is the library. It is so peaceful and quiet. I do most of my studying in the library. I also like that the canteen is always open, lecture rooms are all well equipped and the air-conditioning is available for cold and warm seasons of the year.

STC is great because…
You can tell from the campus facilities that STC invests money to give students a great educational experience, which I do not believe other institutions do as much.

After I complete my course…
...I will move on to the second year which leads to the degree I wish to obtain: the Level 5 Diploma in Business. On completion of this I will gain direct entry to the BA(Hons) International Business Administration Degree conferred by Middlesex University Malta.

My ideal job
I aspire to become an administrative manager, an advertising manager or a branch manager.

My recommendation to someone who feels stuck with their education…
I would recommend this course because it helps you learn how to communicate well, be open-minded and interact with other people. Although sometimes education is hard and stressful, at the end you will reap the benefits by finding a good job. Just go for it!