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Students Love Hands-on

Students Love Hands-on Experience at STC Summer Courses

Hands-on Experience at STC Summer Courses

Building robots, protecting yourself from hackers and designing your very own computer game are just some of the exciting skills students learnt at this year’s STC summer courses. The courses have all received positive feedback as a result of the top quality lecturers, facilities and the relaxed summer school setting.

STC is currently running a number of short courses over the summer months aimed at nine to 17-year-olds. The courses, which started at the end of June and run till September cover a wide range of IT-related topics from Game Development to IT Essentials, Ethical Hacking, Web Design, Photoshop and Robotics.

Students were keen to praise the course; Martine Sciberras loved learning how to programme 3D racing games in her Game Development course. Classmate Mattia Galea found making games really helped with creativity and Ryan Formosa Pace loved learning about third and first person shooting. Students like Sarah Chouhal and Jamie Scerri also found working in teams fun and beneficial.

Speaking about student feedback so far, IT Essentials lecturer Stephen Hall commented how students loved getting hands-on experience using simulation-based learning activities. He said: “Dismantling a PC and re-assembling it while applying the skills and techniques they learnt during this course gives them the confidence of a professional in a relaxed summer school setting.”

Echoing Mr Hall, Web Design lecturer Jeremy Pullicino commented how students really benefitted from gaining first-hand experience in building a website. Understanding the importance of kinetic learning, Mr Pullicino carefully planned his lessons in order to allow students enough practice time to really grasp HTML language and to become comfortable with creating or inserting website essentials such as links, images, videos, tables and lists.

He commented how “students really like the practice time they are given in order to build something that they can see and relate to. When they manage to get something on screen they feel rewarded and look forward to building more and more.”

Indeed, Ethical Hacking student Kyle Micallef said that the favourite part of the course for him was “testing the tools and learning how to use them”. His classmate Rene Dompke was proud to have learnt “basic things in protecting yourself from hacking and knowing what the bad guys might use and how to defend himself”. Their lecturer Steven Camilleri added how “students enjoyed making use of hacking operations and performing all the different actions that they had originally discussed in class”.

Speaking about his Robotics course Michael Hall commented how he learnt that “there is more to robotics than what you think. You can do more with robots than just clean the floors. They can be made to be just like human beings; if you're lonely at home you can have a robot to keep you company.” Needless to say, this boy’s favourite part was programming a robot.

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