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STC Short Courses

Short Courses

STC Higher Education Short Courses



Robotics – NXT Mindstorms
Discover the magic of bringing your own Robot to life! Using the Lego NXT Mindstorms Robots kits, this programme gives students an introduction to Robot building and programming.
For? Children Aged 8 to 12

Game Development Using Project Spark
Do you have a knack for computers, are deeply passionate about games, and just can’t seem to get enough? Then this Summer learn Project Spark, the latest gaming engine by Microsoft! Get introduced to the world of computer programming, whilst at the same time enjoying playing your own game.
For? Teens Aged 8 to 12


Developing a Website
Learn how to design and develop a website using the latest technological advancements and software such as HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver!
For? Teens Aged 13 to 17

IT Essentials
Get an introduction to the fundamentals of computer hardware, software and advanced IT concepts such as security, networking and the responsibilities of an IT Professional.
For? Teens Aged 13 to 17

The entrepreneurial spirit enables innovation, growth and prosperity worldwide! Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and gain new skills such as business planning, negotiating, financial literacy and problem solving.
For? Teens Aged 13 to 17

Robotics - NXT Mindstorms & Arduino
This course will take you through the world of Robotics, through the use of the Lego NXT Windstorms and Arduino robotics kits, students design, build and program robots using both icon based and text based programming languages. Participants will enhance their skills in engineering, circuitry, micro controller.
For? Teens Aged 13 to 17


Robotics Using Arduino
Using the Arduino Robotics platform, this course will take you through the world of electronic design, provide you with a complete understanding of how robotics work and introduce you to programming in an interesting and fun approach!
For? Teens Aged 13 to 17

Game Development With Unity
This course shows you how to use the Unity game engine, a multi-platform engine and editor in one, to build games that can be played on just about any platform available, from the web to the Wii and even on smartphones.
For? Teens Aged 13 to 17

Android Application Development
Discover how to build Android applications! This course equips students with the skills and insights every Android developer should learn before starting the development of real-world applications.
For? Teens Aged 13 to 17

Cyber Security
Learn about the importance of cyber security, including current trends, products and processes used to secure data. Course includes panel discussions featuring industry experts.
For? Teens Aged 13 to 17

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