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The Sky's the Limit for IT Student

The Sky's the Limit for IT Student

An Aviation Engineer and current student of Middlesex University, Malta, Matthew Borg Carr is a 26-year-old whose own career is preparing for take-off in a new direction. Despite the reward of watching an aircraft lifting off after it has undergone maintenance by his team of engineers, Matthew remains grounded with plans for the completion of his internet Application Development degree and a future within the IT industry. Though focused on his education outside of aviation, working as an engineer is a full-time job for Matthew. He is in charge of the aircrafts’ systems such as landing gear and hydraulics.

Overseeing a team of four he is their supervisor. “My role is to certifying the job my team performs, I also manage the team on a day-to day basis by attending meetings, planning within tight schedules, making sure deadlines are met efficiently, co-ordinate with my manager and other team leaders, keep control on housekeeping and perform inspections to certify the work carried out on the aircraft”.

Beginning his IT education with NCC education’s international diploma in Computer studies Matthew was able to study part-time alongside his job with Lufthansa. “I feel that achieving the diploma certificate was highly rewarding because it gave me the opportunity to start my degree in internet application development. Since I undertook the diploma on a part-time basis, sometimes I found it challenging to balance studying and working full-time, however, tanks to the help and support I received from both the lecturers and the administration a STC Training this was possible”.

Following the successful completion of his diploma Matthew was able to enroll at Middlesex University Malta, where he hopes his current degree will open up opportunities in both the rapidly expanding IT industry of Malta and the industry globally. Malta is a country well suited to IT study having one of the highest levels of household computer ownership and broadband connections in the world, whilst attracting hundreds of overseas companies to set up businesses there. NCC education boasts a longstanding relationship with STC training Malta dating back to 1995, and aims to ensure the future provision of quality IT and Business.

Malta’s IT industry is integral to the island’s economy. The flourishing online gaming industry and the development of a dedicated ‘global knowledge based township’, Smart City Malta, aims to place Malta amongst the top IT industry locations in the world. The upside for students, like Matthew, studying IT qualifications in Malta is an expanding and competitive industry that will provide excellent working and learning opportunities for Matthew to redirect his career from aviation to IT reflects his ambition to develop himself, improve his skills and take advantage of the opportunities provided by his location, “my job is somewhat specific, in the sense that if I want to change the company I work for or to improve in my career it has to be aviation. Whereas in the IT industry the opportunities are wide spread and I am sure that opportunities will not cease to exist in the IT industry”.

Matthew’s ambition is to study for a master’s in programming, the initial journey he embarked upon part-time stands to become his full-time occupation, he has proven himself capable of balancing the challenges of a busy job and continued study. “it was a major challenge trying to cope with both studying and working at the same time. However by using good time management, planning ahead and with a lot of effort and determination I made it happen. If anyone asked me “

Would you do it again?” I would say “definitely, yes!”