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Seasons Greetings!

Seasons Greetings!

Seasons greetings!

Christmas is fast approaching; STC will be closed between Friday 23rd December & Monday 2nd January, both days inclusive. Therefore all services provided from the STC premises will not be available during these dates. We will be back as usual (8:30 – 21:00) on Tuesday 3rd January 2012.

We look forward to seeing you all next year……be sure to check out our great selection of innovative short courses scheduled for January 2012. A snippet of some of these courses below:

PC Technician

Starting Thursday 26th January

This Cisco certified course provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level ICT professionals. Students get an in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Through hands on activities and labs, students learn how to assemble and configure a computer, install operating systems and software, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems.


Starting Thursday 26th January

This Adobe Photoshop course is designed to take you to a proficient level in Photoshop whilst starting off from the basics. Learn how to draw, manipulate images and add effects. Be confident with terms such as selections and layers and understand how to take your images and optimize them for both websites and printing projects.

Web Design

Starting Friday 27th January

The Web is increasingly becoming the publishing space in both commercial and personal fields. For many it is an indispensable multi-medial channel of information and communication in the commercial sector and a way of sharing information and building social networks in one's private life.

Ethical Hacking

Starting Tuesday 7th February

The Ethical Hacking course focuses on network security and shows you how to use hacking techniques to establish the threats and vulnerabilities of the organisation. In this course you will go in-depth into the techniques used by malicious, black hat hackers with lectures and hands-on lab exercises. While these hacking skills can be used for malicious purposes, this class teaches you how to use the same hacking techniques to perform a white-hat, ethical hack, on your organization.

All short course are held once weekly from 18:00 to 21:00 for a duration of 3 months.

Wishing you any your Family a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!!!!!