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My University Understands Me

A University Which Understands Me As An Individual

Computing Diplomas Malta

Quick Facts

Age: 26

Occupation: Junior Quality Assurance Engineer

Course: Diploma In Computing

Fun fact: Among other hobbies, I enjoy football, archery and badminton when I have the time. During weekends, I enjoy dining out at good restaurants. I also like to travel a lot, when money permits!

About Me

I have nine ‘O' levels and studied Marketing and IT at ‘A’ level, together with four intermediate subjects although I never sat for the exams.  

I took the Diploma In Computing at STC Training because...

I wanted a career change and a new challenge in a subject which I really love end enjoy studying.

I chose this course because...

I felt IT would offer me many opportunities. I really do love the subject and I chose STC specifically because it has such a good reputation when it comes to IT.  

This course has helped me because...

It gave me the tools and qualifications I needed to gain direct entry into a BSc (Hons) Internet Applications Development degree by Middlesex University Malta and thus make the career change I always wanted. I am happy to have found the right job and thanks to meeting the right people and adopting the right attitude I find myself in a more satisfactory period in both my personal and work life.

My lecturers helped me immensely.

Most of the lecturers are young, energetic and take an interest in you as a person, helping you to develop not only academically but on a personal level.

The best part about this course was...

…the fact that I could follow it part time. Due to work I could not follow the full time course but the part-time course came with flexible study options and offered a very attractive package with interesting subjects at a very reasonable price.

The facilities are...

…good and satisfactory. The canteen is always open during lecture time and is large enough to accommodate a good number of students so I always find a place to sit down, have a coffee and a chat in my free time.  The labs are equipped with all the latest technology; rooms are always available for lessons and also on request if you want to study at a particular time.

STC Training is different to other educational institutions because...

It makes it a point to understand its students as a person beyond their studies. Staff will help you to develop the right attitude and guide you in making commitments in your life. Lecture rooms are all well-equipped and the air conditioning is greatly welcomed in the hot summer months. The location is great too: very central and easily accessible. 

After I complete my course...

I want to gain more experience at the technology company where I work which will hopefully lead to my advancing in my career. I’m also considering taking up a Masters degree at MDX. 

I would recommend this course because...

It’s great for anyone who wants to take on a new challenge in the IT industry. The institute is great, for all the above reasons, plus it’s a great place to make new friends. 

If you’re stuck in your career...

Give studying a go. And ask for advice. The staff at STC Training will surely help guide you in the right direction.