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Win an International Diploma

Win an International Diploma in Computer Studies with STC & 89.7 Bay!

Win an International Diploma Malta

Kick off your career in IT with STC’s International Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS). The diploma is equivalent to the first year of a three-year University honours degree in IT with Middlesex University.

Whilst it is a veritable springboard to success, it provides students with a unique balance of academic knowledge and practical know-how. Along with utter flexibility – the degree is taught both on a full-time and part-time basis -and professional tuition, students will enjoy a certain prestige and expertise that comes with having read for such a distinguishing degree.

Giving students a rare and advantageous chance, STC is currently offering its one lucky potential student the opportunity to win this coveted diploma, worth €2300, absolutely free!

Over the course of the next few weeks, 89.7 Bay will be issuing a series of clues over the air as well as through their website. These clues, when deciphered, lead to several hidden links which will allow the player of the game to advance to the next level of clues and hints. Having successfully risen to the challenge, a number of fortunate participants will be invited to take part in the ultimate competition, to be held at the STC Training facility.

The winner of said contest will then be presented with the incredible prospect of enrolling in the International Diploma of computer Studies, setting the individual well on his/her way to a promising career in IT as well as greater job recognition and satisfaction.

One may start attempting to win the challenge by logging on to STC Training

For more information go to the Bay Radio page dedicated to this competition or discuss hints and clues on the Facebook page.