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Summer School



About our Summer School programme...

Our Summer school programmes cater for all ages and levels. All courses will be included in your child's school leaving certificate and profile. Our courses include Robotics, Web Design and Photoshop, Introduction to Programming, Cisco CyberSecurity and It Essentials.





Courses Available

for Ages 7+


Robotics – NXT Mindstorms

Using LEGO® robotics, this course offers a fun tool to explore them mechanical and programming aspects of computing. The latter can be achieved in two ways, one being through LEGO NXT software and the other through Java programming.


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Web Design & Photoshop

Learn how to design and develop a website using the latest technological advancements and software such as HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver!


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Introduction to Programming

This module makes extensive practical use of the modern programming languages like Visual basic to illustrate the classic programming principles of Sequencing, Selection and iteration in the context of Object oriented computer programming.


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Cisco CyberSecurity

This course introduces the importance of cybersecurity and current trends, eight modules with presentations and panel discussions that feature industry experts.

Cybersecurity refers to people, products and processes that protect electronic data from those with malicious intent. The course modules define cybersecurity, explain why it is important and introduce some of the products and processes used to secure data.


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Cisco IT Essentials

The Cisco IT Essentials course covers the fundamentals of computer hardware and software and advanced concepts such as security, networking, and the responsibilities of an IT professional. It is designed for students who want to pursue careers in ICT and students who want to gain practical knowledge of how a computer works.

Hands-on lab activities are essential elements that are integrated into the curriculum. The Virtual Laptop and Virtual desktop are standalone tools that enable students to virtually disassemble and reassemble desktop and laptop computers.


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